WiPeer enables a Windows XP machine (that has WiFi) to talk to other machines running WiPeer.  Why is this good?  Well, it makes ad-hoc networks really easy to setup.  You can share files and such.

Obviously bugs in WiPeer could make it SUPER easy to get hacked.  However, this could change the way that people access the internet in somewhat populated areas.

You should be asking me 2 things.   1. Why will this change the way people access the internet? and 2. Why only in populated areas?

1. WiPeer as it is now probably won’t change too much.  With a little tweaking and such you could use this to cast an WiFi net and share a couple internet access points.  This could give users who have a cheap laptop, but not enough motivation of money to buy DSL/Cable Modem/Etc…, access to the internet.  All that WiPeer would have to do is add a bandwidth monitoring module into it’s code.  I would not mind sharing 1/10th of my internet for free to anybody.  Also I would not mind a slow connection if I am at my local coffee shop.  If I could connect to ten different sources at the same time (obviously a complicated addition to WiPeer) I could  have a normal full-speed connection.

2. These Internet-nets would only be readily available in urban settings.  If you live in a town with 1 stop-light and a hardware store, this probably won’t mean much to you.


Other Notes:
Expect a big name to buy WiPeer
: HEY GOOGLE!  I’m talking to you!  I would not be suprised to see Google add something like this into their Google Toolbar.  HELL, if you had an AdSense account, Google could even give you part of the profits from sharing a connection.
Tangent: If you haven’t noticed, Yahoo has been making a huge comeback as of late.  They are even succeeding in areas that Google wasn’t able to. (Think Yahoo Answers vs. Google Answers)  I would definitely sign up for their silly Yahoo Chat client if I could get a slow connection with it.  This makes me think Yahoo might want to swallow them up.  If they acted now, they could buy 51% of WiPeer now for a few $100,000.  Sounds pretty expensive, but look at what happened to Skype.

Internet in Disasters: 9-11 and DDOS attacks taught us that bad things happen.  Having multiple paths and access points means that in a big failure, your network stays alive.

SharePoint 2007 Search

Sharepoint 2007 is also known as Microsoft Office Sharepoint Services 2007 (or MOSS 2007).  I was having some problems getting people search to work for my day job.

People search is really cool.  Each person with a domain account can have access to their own SharePoint site.  There they can post a picture, information and skills.  I think that the skills part is VERY exciting for my employer.  My employer’s main job is to put contractors to work.  Sometimes little jobs come in where they may be able to use an internal worker (like an IT person) on a part time job, or do some consulting.  With MOSS 2007 you can search just on skills.  This way you can easily find somebody to fill a job.

My problem was that I couldn’t get the people indexed.  They where indexed at one time but I must have screwed that up.  Searching around the net I found a few sources saying telling me to add “sps3://SERVERNAME” to the content source “Local Office SharePoint Server Sites” as a start page.  After kicking off a new crawl it kept on kicking back an “Access is Denied… or not found….” error.  Looking around even more I found reference to “sps3s://SERVERNAME”.  So I changed the “Local Office SharePoint Server Sites” content source from sps3://SERVER to sps3s://SERVER.  I then I got 4000+ Warnings in the crawl log.


I didn’t know it at the time but I had enough information to resolve my issue all in the crawl log.  The problem ended up being in my rules.

My last rule was to exclude “*://*.*”.  This was the last rule so that the search would not go and start getting content I did not specifically tell it to.  In my tests I removed that and my 4000+ warnings went away and where replaced with successes.  Looking at the url it was accessing my people content at https://SERVERNAME:443.  So I added an include rule for “https://SERVERNAME:443/*“.  Don’t forget the “/*” or it will only index the front page and no sub-content.

I then re-added “*://*.*” rule at the end, re-ran the full crawl and BANG it works.

It’s amazing that how you feel like a hero with people caring so little about it.

MOSS 2007 is definitely a huge step in the right direction over the previous version of SharePoint.  The documentation though is few and far between.  Hopefully somebody will Google this post when they have the same problem.

Leave a comment if you need help with this or something similar.

Kathy Sierra

Background: KATHY SIERRA, develops video games and instructs programming courses and seminars.  Recently she has been a master trainer for Sun teaching instructors how to teach to Sun’s customers.

Kathy is the publisher of headrush.typepad.com called “Creating Passionate Users”.

Recently (March 2007) Kathy has started to receive harrasing and highly threatening comments on headrush.typepad.com and other blogs.

Two pictures of Kathy have been posted one with a noose and another with underwear over her face.  She has since reacted by cancelling her speaking engagements and locking herself in her house for the most part.

Kathy has gotten A LOT of attention from the blogging community on how unacceptable this is.


Opinion: Kathy has effectively shutdown her life in fear.  Threats like this need to be handled, but you can’t remove yourself from the world.  Horrible things have been happening to good people ever since people have been around.  You have to deal with them and protect yourself.  How useless would our lives be if everytime we got scared we just shut out the world around us and hid.  All in all, this is probably just a bunch of stupid kids saying stupid things.  When they eventually get caught they will probably cry in front of their mom.

When there are people with real threats or in highly dangerous situations everyday, it is hard to get fired up over a few typed words.  Ask any soldier in Iraq, man or woman, how threatened they would feel about comments on a blog.

Kathy Sierra, please toughen up.



Either way you feel about it, here are some links on the subject…

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Man Stops Working to Support Kathy Sierra

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Content Links

John Chow (johnchow.com) is offering to help out blogs and small sites in general.  He has negotiated with Kontera to allow smaller sites to use their “In Text” links.

So what the hell does this mean for you?

Well, if you have a website, it offers a way for you to get more ad revenue.  In simpler terms it means “Mo Money”.

IN TEXT links are links that replace words on your page with links.  It doesn’t throw off your site in the slightest.  When somebody clicks on these links you get money.  How much depends on your word, your site and a couple other factors.

GREAT SIGN ME UP!  Well hold on a minute mister!  Kontera, and other text-link advertisers, tell you that you need at least 500,000 page views a month to qualify.

John Chow has negotiated with Kontera to allow people with A LOT less page views into the program.

If you’re interested I suggest you read John’s Content Link post first.  If you can’t wait Fill out this application and MAKE SURE you enter “John Chow Kontera partnership“  in the comment field.

Online Dating Tips Review

Here is my paid review of Online Dating Tips.

OnlineDatingTips.org is a nifty site that provides facts and tips about online dating.  I have played around with online dating off and on for a while so I definitely wanted to see how their internet dating tips stood up.  I was surprised to see that they are pretty darn accurate.  Their descriptions are not too wordy and it is a very easy read.

I agreed most about first meetings.  Personally, I don’t think that you should ever meet for a first date at a restaurant unless it is just for drinks.  You’ll want to stay comfortable and you don’t want to be pressured into hanging out for longer than you should.  Meeting for a full dinner obligates you for much longer than you may normally like to.  According to Online Dating Tips most people would agree.  Most online daters choose to meet in a coffee house almost 50% of the time.  Almost a fourth of the time it is in a bar for drinks.

All in all this is an excellent start for a beginning online dater.  The only thing that I would like to see at Online Dating Tips is a couple of methods for approaching people online.  I don’t waste my time writing a lengthy email off the bat.  If the person doesn’t normally like your type, there is very little you can do to sway them.  A few tips about conversation starters with a couple of examples would go a long way.

All in all, if you are going to start online dating do yourself a favor and read OnlineDatingTips.org’s tips.  It might make you a little bit more lucky.

The UN Might Have Done Something

The main 6 nations of UN have finally reached an agreement on Iran sanctions.  The 10 non-permanent UN nations need to vote on it which will probaly not take too much time.

Basically this means there will be an Iran arms embargo and an asset freeze for people and companies involved with Iran’s missle and nuclear programs.

Personally I think this is a good start.  It doesn’t hurt the Iran economy (or their people), just the war hawks looking to make money from Iran’s nuclear desire.

People Love Scandals

Why do people love celebrity scandals so much.  Does it really matter so much?  Is America just like a little kid in class that giggles when the science teacher says “sphincter”?

Why are sex scandals the most popular?  Take for instance Antonella Barba, the not so great singer from American Idol.  She was the number on search term for a week until she got kicked off.  Kellie Pickler’s new boob job wasn’t nearly as popular as Antonella posing topless and drinking beers with her friends.

Are some people “Scandal Crafters” and furthermore, How do we make money off of these scandals?

Antonella Barba Still Number 1 (in search)

Even though Antonella Barba wasn’t in the top 12 of American Idol.  She is still number 1 in search.  Antonella has such a buzz about her that it would actually have been a huge career mistake to be pinned under American Idol.  Now she can make a real career for herself.

A porn company has already offerred her $500,000 for a video, which of course she will turn down.  This girl can be a multi-millionaire by the end of the year if she grabs a good agent, makes some crappy songs and becomes the new Paris Hilton.

She has indirectly admitted to the photos by saying her only regret was trusting the wrong people.

Here’s the Digg.com post that set off the Antonella Barba scandal.