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How do you make it rich on the internet? Same as anywhere, hard work, time and practice. When I talk about earning money, I generally mean marketing products for a commision or selling advertising.

If you are think this sounds interesting, get off my blog. I’m not very good at it. Stuart over at Earners Blog is though. He posts occasional tidbits that you can copycat or better yet take in a totally new direction.

Read Stuart’s blog and judge for yourself. I have been, and getting a bit better everyday.

The Weekends are for Porn

First, examine this graph of searches for the term “porn”.

Now look at the line that is dated October 8th, 2006.  October 8th was a Sunday.  I will go ahead and select the area from Friday to Monday (midnight).

Now, just looking in the highlighted area that goes from 00:00 Friday to 00:00 Monday (midnight to midnight) you can see as soon as midnight hits, people start looking for “porn”.  The porn search peaks on Saturday just before midnight and then declines to the normal baseline for Monday.

Ironically enough Wednesday, which is often refered to as “hump” day always takes a very minor dip.

Even better yet, almost all porn related terms have the EXACT same curve.

From this graph we can see…

Sex > Porn > Nude > Naked

People and their sex lives are pretty predictable.  So if you are in the “Adult” industry, you should plan your releases on Wednesday or Thursday to take advantage of the Friday/Saturday demand.

Top Valentines Day Gifts from Real Men

Don’t get me wrong, it’s nice that you spend hundreds of bucks on Valentines Day.  In the long run, you woman might see you as a pushover and leave you for a “Man’s Man”!

Take my advice and choose your gift from these top Valentines Day Gifts.  While your woman will pretend like she’s ticked off, she will learn to love your man ways!

Every woman loves Candy for Valentines Day
Mens Conversation Hearts

Make her something from the heart and, like a true man, out of metal
Metal Heart

Be Romantic and cook her Dinner
Mans Dinner

When all else fails, you can make one of these on the fly
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