I will review your site for $20!

So I just added Jay Geiger.com to ReviewMe.com.  Review Me is a site where you can buy reviews for your site.  You basically choose a site (blog) where you want the site to write a review.  You pay them and then in a short while the person writes a review of your site.

The downside is that the review is in the person’s own words.  The good news is that the review is in the person’s own words.  While the words might not be the words that you would choose, it is a good idea to get reviews in different styles of writing with different keywords that you may have overlooked.

Secondly, you get a permanent full regular text link.  Personally I have found that links from blogs get sucked up more quickly than other places.  The reason for that may be due to the RSS and Atom feeds.

So if you want a review, go to ReviewMe.com and look for “Geiger”.  It will say the price is $40.  That is as low as they would let me go.  When you checkout, put in the coupon code “trial” to get 50% off or a review by me for only $20!

I am keeping it low until I write some reviews.  If I could I would set it to $10, but alas, I cannot.

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