The IRS wants $1,125 That I didn’t Make

Boys, here’s a warning.  Claim everything and get your taxes done professionally.

It seems that I made $2,800 last year from Google AdSense.  My expenses where more than that (I pay $100+ a month just for hosting).  I nearly paid $500 just for Google Adwords Advertising.

I just got done documenting and copying as much as I could and just need to find some stamps to send this out.  Moral of the story though, if I would have kept my receipts and gotten my taxes done professionally I wouldn’t be on IRS’s target list.

Am I saying I don’t deserve their attention?  NO.  I really do.  It also seems that $2,000 is the dollar amount that they look for to chase after.  This is just my “Watch Yourself” post.

If the IRS comes back and says Pay Us the full $1,125 then I will do so without hesitation.  I can’t afford it, but I also can’t afford to be scrutinized and know the battles that I can win.

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