What I’ve Learned from Digg and Kevin Rose

  • Microsoft Sucks
  • George Bush Sucks
  • Walmart Sucks
  • Apple is Great
  • The World is Ending
  • Linux is Great
  • No Seriously Apple is Great, haven’t you been paying attention?
  • Vista should be compared to OS X
  • 60% of the time it works every time
  • Any large corporation that is not Apple, Sucks
  • This post is lame
  • This post is spam
  • I suck
  • You suck
  • Kevin Rose is great and we must Digg his submissions
  • Steve Jobs is great
  • The minority of Digg users will leave nasty immature comments about this, but they tend to be much louder than everybody else
  • Speling and gramar count much!

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