Why the PS3 will fail

EDITORIAL:  It seems that Sony’s “Our Way or No Way” approach will likely kill the PS3.

The PS3 is hinged together with the Blu Ray (High definition DVD) disc.  If Blu Ray does not become the defacto HD movie standard, the PS3 becomes a lot less marketable.  Would you pay $500-600 for and electronic device that can not play movies?

Sony has extremely limited who can make Blu Ray movies.  The biggest example is the adult film industry.  Sony said no to Blu Ray porn.  While you may agree, giving $13 billion dollars worth of video entertainment revenue a year to your competition is a huge strike against you.

Secondly, even though the PS3′s hardware is the most hi-tech, they are stifling innovation.  The Nintendo Wii is highly interactive and enthralling, the Xbox is getting praise from the open source community by giving away development kits to make games.  Where does the PS3 come into this equation?  There just isn’t room.

Lastly, people still have not forgotten about Sony’s evil rootkit.  The rootkit was software that was automatically installed on PCs if you tried playing a legal CD from Sony.  This served as a way for hackers and viruses to steal your information and destroy your computer.  They did this to prevent you from copying the songs contained on the CD which is completely legal.

Sony has gotten away from the goals and ideals that made the original Playstation such a success.  The days of innovations such as the WalkMan might be dead.  Look closely at Sony’s products before purchasing.

XBox 360 Price Drop Imminent

Sony is losing hundreds of dollars on every PS3. (PS3 Manufacturing Costs)…  Their sales are waaaaay down because of the $500-600 price tag and lack of availability during the holiday season.…  For comparison, the Xbox 360 costs $300-400.…  Microsoft sees a price drop as a way to put one nail is Sony’s blunder.…  Expect prices to range from $265-355.

My sources say a price drop is very near.…  Expect the HD-DVD to be included in quarter 2 or 3 in the more expensive model.…  Toshiba is set to offer the XBox a deal they can’t refuse.…  Microsoft won’t be pay full price for HD-DVD units.…  Toshiba will sell them well below costs for some sort of royalty in Microsoft’s gaming franchise over the next couple of years.…  This will give Toshiba the market exposure they need as well as a pay check in the future.

Sony is Losing Video Game Battle

How much would you think Sony is making on each PS3 they sell?…  $100?…  $200?…  The answer is -$300.…  Look carefully, that is not 300, it is -300!…  The estimated costs set the PS3 price at $900 to manufacture.…  Subtract what they are selling it for ($600) and Sony is losing $300 per machine.…  Just a normal blu-ray player sells for at least $500!…  Here is the break down of component prices.PS3 Costs

7 Second Memory

Worst case of Amnesia EVER.  He only recognizes one person (his wife).  He seems completely complacent though.  I’d be willing to bet this is just an evolution.  Eventually all married men will be like this.  They will stay interested in their wives and always willing to talk to them.  You say it’s a shame, personally I almost wish I was excited all the time like this guy.

For comparison, A Goldfish’s memory is up to 3 months

This is just another test…

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George Bush Raises Oil Prices in One Evening

Due to very vocal plan George Bush’s plan to double our oil reserves, Oil prices have jumped 5% in just a few hours today.

Did he really have to vocalize his plans?  Does he really need the praise and cost everybody more?  If he would have done it without shouting it out and a state of the union address, we could have saved a but load of money.

Here’s a more in depth article.