Iraq/Iran Conspiracy Theory

Three interesting facts.

1.Iranians like Americans. In NO way do they want our military there, but they do like us.
2.Iranians are growing discontent in their president. It is mostly due to him (Mahmoud Ahmadinejad) taking an unreasonable stand for nuclear power and possibly nuclear weapons.
3.Iranians are moving military to the Iraq border.

My Conspiracy Theory:
Mahmoud has seen that he will have to give up his nuclear goals. In an attempt to give the US a little of what they want without losing face has secretly agreed to put their military on the Iraqi border. Why? Iranians and Iraqis do not get along. If Iraq actually believes there is a risk of Iranian invasion AND the US is withdrawing their troops this will give the dissident Iraqis a new focus. They can unite against an apparent new threat, and maybe give up terrorist acts against their own people and the US.

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