Bee Flight Paradox Solved

Previously (as of last week 1/24/2007), the known laws of aerodynamics could not explain why bumble bees and other small insects (and even some birds) could fly.  A common answer to the Bumble Bee Paradox was “Well, it’s just determined”.

Today the answer is solved.  Bumble Bees can fly because the front of the wings are rigid and the backs are flexible.  This means that bee’s flapping wing causes a vortex, a mass of spinning air.  This vortex the produces lift (as seen in the video below).

Previously, science deemed that flying dragons could never have existed as well because they would have been just too big.  Well, maybe this gives the inner-nerd in all of us hope!

EDIT: IT IS TAKING SO LONG TO PROCESS. If you can’t wait, download the video here BUMBLE BEE PARADOX …or directly view it with this link… BEE PARADOX 2

2 Most Worthless Gadgets that You Will Want

#2: The Hot Diggity Dogger
Our first useless item that you will love is taken right from eBay (HOT DIGGITY DOGGER LINK).  The Hot Diggity Dogger allows you to not only cook hot dogs in a toaster-like device, it allows you to toast your buns at the same time.  It is unknown if this comes in a foot long hotdog size.
#1: All-in-One Breakfast Station
If you like coffee, bagels and eggs, save some space and amaze your friends with the Breakfast Station.  This item was found on Big Lots website.  We are not sure if it exists, but we want one any way.

WARNING: These devices will annoy your spouse.  We are not responisble for lost relationships or having to sleep on the sofa.

How to nest YouTube Videos

… Here is the HTML code.…  Make sure you add the “DJ0MvjzeLIs” is the code for the main video and “IN0m29pYkFA” is the code for the smaller one.…  You can get them from the URL of the YouTube video.…  I added… … “&autoplay=1″ right after the video’s code so that they would autoplay and be somewhat synched.

<div style=”height: 350px”><embed src=”″ width=”425″ height=”350″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent”></embed></div>
<div style=”margin-top: -285px; margin-left: 140px”><embed src= width=”130″ type=”application/x-shockwave-flash” wmode=”transparent”></embed></div>

EDIT: I had to turn the autoplay off. It was too annoying!