Digg needs to update it SPAM algorithm!

Before you “BURY” this article or mark it as “SPAM” or “LAME”, know that I really  enjoy DIGG.  It is a great site that has a terrific premise.  DIGG has  been able to scale up very nicely.

However I see a huge problem today.  The problem is with its SPAM algorithm.  It seems any article that receives 10 SPAM comments is marked as SPAM and removed  from DIGG.  Once a few articles from a URL are marked as SPAM, the entire site  is banned from DIGG.

I originally found this from an individual named John Chow in his   BANNED FROM DIGG post.  I read John’s blog often and never have found  a post of his to be spam.  Regardless, this wasn’t enough to fire me and get  me to make an effort to change DIGG’s spamming policies.  That was until I  read this article about a 2 year old in need  of a bone marrow transplant.  That article quickly got 200+ diggs and  made it to the front page before 10 people marked it as SPAM and it got removed.  I don’t think that is what DIGG is all about!

DIGG is an open podium for free speech, should 10 people be able to cancel the votes  of 190 others?
I ask that you DIGG this article if you agree or BURY it is you don’t.  If  enough people agree, I am sure DIGG will improve their algorithm.  That is  the magic of DIGG, it gives all of us little people a voice when we ban together.  In turn that creates something better than our separate voices and THAT is what  DIGG is really all about. 

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