Azoogle Ads 2.0

Taken From Azoogle Ads 2.0 (I just logged in about 2 minutes ago)

Welcome to AzoogleAds 2.0!

Our new system is stocked with all the tools you need to help you optimize your campaigns and ultimately make you more money!

In order to enjoy the benefits of the new AzoogleAds 2.0 system, you will need to update and save your account settings. Once this is complete, you will have access to the new system.

Here are just a few of the upgrades:
Improved reporting — real-time custom reporting as well as the basics you expect, such as eCPC and conversion rate calculations. View traffic and conversions by the hour, by traffic type, and creative reports among many others. View traffic and conversions by the hour, by traffic type, and creative reports, among many others
Unparalleled search functionality - search for offers by name, ID, status, traffic type, category, etc.
Customized affiliate homepage - on the home page there are graphs, recommended offers, news, alerts, and common tasks at a glance
Payment Options - you can request one of three payment options
Affiliate Manager Communications - see who you're working with and how you can reach them

What are the short-term impacts?
You may notice a slight lag in the reporting for the first few days because of unexpired cookies that have been set by users
You will no longer have access to 1.0
All links will need to be switched 3 months after they are moved to 2.0. After this date, 1.0 legacy links will expire.
For your convenience AzoogleAds will be maintaining a 24 hour hotline (1-866-891-0300 ext 1) during this time of transition. So, if you have a question or problem at any time, there will be someone on hand to help.

Lastly, we are always eager to hear your feedback so please don’t hesitate to contact us at

The entire AzoogleAds Team!

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