SharePoint 2003 Index Error (0×80041205)

SharePoint 2003 is a great attempt at a document repository and content management system. It is too “pieced together” to be as usefull as it could be. SharePoint 2007 should be MUCH better but we will see.

Indexing is a confusing prospect in SP 2003. Lately I have a been getting this error in my indexing logs…
The address could not be found, (0x80041205 - Access is denied. Check that the Default Content Access Account in SharePoint Central Administration is correct, or follow the "Exclude and Include Content" link to add a rule to specify the proper crawling account to access this URL. )

You may also be getting this one in your event viewer.
(Gatherer. Event ID: 3036. The content source sps://sitename/site$$$people cannot be accessed)

The Microsoft knowlegebase ( says that it is because you have incorrectly set up your default crawling account. In my case, this wasn’t the issues.

The issue was that I switched from http:// during testing to https:// Also orginally I installed to the machine name and not the full production URL.

The default indexes can not be scrapped buy you may create new ones. It is VERY easy to confuse http with https so make sure yours is pointing to the right base url. If you moved a site to SSL (from http to https) you may have used a redirect that SharePoint doesn’t follow.

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