Apple Blames Microsoft for iPods That Shipped With a Virus

Video iPod VirusVideo iPods shipped after September 12th may contain a Microsoft Virus.…  At first thought you might think that Apple, the iPod’s sole manufacturer, was to blame.…  This is not according to Apple.…  Apple’s official response is that Microsoft is too susceptible to viruses so it is there fault.

Just as a disclaimer, I love Apple and especially the iPod family.

Top Ten List of Places Apple Might place Blame:

10:… Police officers are to blame for jumping in front of bullets fired by armed criminals.
9:… Sick children are to blame for their weak immune systems in unsanitized hosipitals.
8: Crack babies should be a little more tougher and not have birth defects.
7: JFK should have been well aware of the dangers of grassy knolls.
6: People should be ready for laptop batteries to combust at any and all times.
5: The wheelchair bound should have though about stairs before sustaining… their injury.
4: Poor cancer patients should have thought about living in upscale neighborhoods instead of the low income housing under the power lines.
3: Enron stock holders should have known that all big companies do evil things (Just look at Microsoft, they like to give you viruses).
2: Elderly people should have tried a little harder not to become old.

…and the number one biggest blame…
1: Jesus should have been aware that he had enemies.

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