$100 a month from less than 200 visitors.

Background: I have a little Christmas site that gets about 250 visitors a month.…  Originally I thought the only real way to make money was to use Google Adsense.…  I made a few dollars, but nothing notable.…  Like lots of others out there, I believed that was just the nature of the beast.…  If I wanted to make money, I would have to increase the number of visitors.

Discovery: About 5 months ago this I discovered Text Link Ads.…  At Text Link Ads… you can publish other peoples links and Text Link Ads gives you half the revenue.…  This did not go against Adsense’s rules so I added Text Link Ads… to my site.

Realization: After 1 month I earned a whopping $7.50.…  Great!…  Text Link Ads… paypalled me the money at the end of the month.…  Nothing like free money.

After month 2 I earned about $22.…  Even better.…  By now I was showing about 3 ads.

Now this month I am showing 11 ads and earning over $130.…  My Adsense doesn’t even compare.…  The way I figure it, if your site has been around for a bit and has some visitors you can EASILY make $100 after about 6 months.

This would be TERRIFIC for kids that don’t have jobs or are too young to work.…  I grew up in a rural town and was dying to make a few bucks.…  It would have been fantastic to earn this while learning some life’s lessons.

Hosting only costs a few bucks a month easily payable by everybody.…  If you have… one or more sites sitting around that… are doing nothing, you could easily be pulling in $100 or more a month.…  It’s better than do nothing.


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