15 Days and no Post!

Why haven’t I posted? Most of it has to do with spending a lot of time developing Favorite Part.com. I got a huge influx of traffic but made very little money from it. I am contemplating a redesign however I would prefer to keep it a clean and easy interface.

Another reason I haven’t been available is because of this 1983 Honda CB650. I was having problems with it charging the battery. I replaced the battery and stator (1/2 the alternator) with no luck. I then replaced the voltage regulator and that did the trick.

Yesterday I finally got around to replacing the spark plugs and cleaning the 2 fuel strainers (it doesn’t have a fuel filter per se). I then went to take a look at the air filter. It would have been just shocking to see it in the crappy condition it is in. However, I was slack jawed when I saw it filled with an inch or two of bird seed. The bike’s previous owner was out in the country. Some sort of rodent saw the air fiter as an awesome dry place to store its stolen bird seed.

After cleaning out the seed and putting in some more oil, which it burned some of as evident by the exhaust, it is running MUCH better. It’s just a beater bike for this year and next, but it’s still very sweet to have.

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