Azoogle Ads 2.0 Preview

A short while back I mentioned how Azoogle Ads updated their first login page. I also surmised that this was a prelude to a whole new interface for Azoogle. It seems that guess was correct.

For those of you that have Azoogle Ads, when you logged in you should have seen this banner. There is no set release date yet.

For those of you that do not have Azoogle Ads, Azoogle is a CPA (Cost per Action) advertising network. That means that Azoogle provides you with links. You can choose any of these links and if somebody clicks on them, visits the target website and does an action (could be buying something or filling out a form) you earn money.

Azoogle Ads has been better than similar places like Commision Junction due to 2 things. Azoogle has real time reporting and Azoogle lets you choose any link/service that you like. CJ’s reporting is rather slow and you need to apply to each affiliate and be accepted. The last part makes testing out new campaigns rather difficult.

If Azoogle can keep their interface clean while giving better reporting options, Azoogle’s users will be armed with the best tools available.

You can test drive the new Azoogle Ads 2.0 HERE.

You can register for Azoogle Ads 2.0 HERE.

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