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Now before you read the original post below realize that the words chosen were not ideal. However I believe that ShoeMoney has a valid point. Paraphrasing what Jeremy posted wouldn’t really do it justice. He did bring up a bunch of good points that need to be fixed. I for one love Jeremy’s show and would hate to see an unmoderated chat room risk hindering the quality of his show.

REMEMBER THIS: This is only posted for historical purposes. Jeremy removed this post for a reason. Keep that in mind as you read it.

You Wont Find Me On Webmaster Radio Chat Anymore
July 17th, 2006
Well… I am just done with the webmaster radio chat room.
I went in today during David Naylors and Jen Sleggs Click This! show and people are totally disrespecting the live shows and talking about whatever. As I even made some comments about the show that was taking place people started asking me questions about stuff which is normally cool only there is a live show on and I feel that its rude to talk in the chat room about stuff that is not related to what the show hosts are talking about.

The main problem is they allow people to use this web chat application where people can hide there identity and it makes it virtually impossible for the chat moderators to keep order.
Today I tried to take order and ban people that were being idiots and only then did one of the admins tell me not to do that so…. I just give up.

I had a chat application written a long time ago that was the answer for this and at the time webmaster radio even agreed to have it developed further. Since then webmasterradio has backed out of that deal and the room is over run with idiots as usual.
Its too bad cause I used to like seeing a lot of experts in the field in the webmaster radio chat room but they have all since disappeared.

I will continue to do my shows as I agreed to but I will not be directing anyone to the chatroom or be answering any questions from the chat room from here on.

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