Add DIGG THIS Links to Blogger Blogs

Self-promoting is more often than not annoying to those around you. More likely than not it is going to come off as SPAM. So why not let others promote your articles for you?

If you have a Blogger blog, you can add one line of code to your template and allow others to easily “Digg” you. Digg, for those who don’t run in technical circles, is a site that promotes others articles. The most interesting ones get “Dugg” and rise to the top of the site. Therefore is always a dynamically moving and intersting site.

To include a Digg This link on Blogger, log into and edit your Template. You should paste the following code somewhere near the Item tag (). I posted mine just before it.

Here is the code…

<a style=”float:none;” href=”javascript:location.href=’’+encodeURIComponent(‘<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>’)+’%26title=’+encodeURIComponent(‘<$BlogItemTitle$>’)+’%26bodytext=<$BlogItemTitle$>%26topic=tech_news’”>Digg

You can change the “Digg This!” anchor text to anything you would like. Also you can customize the link to look like a button. If you use this code, a visitor will be taken to Digg, there they will login. After logging in they will be taken to the submit form with the title and URL auto-filled. The description will also be started for them.

I hope this brings you a few extra pageviews.

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