Motorcycle Please!

Today I successfully took my first step towards getting myself a motorcycle. I now am a proud holder of a NY State Motorcycle Learners Permit. I am looking to grab a nice little cruiser for myself. Something with lots of chrome and no windshield. Buells are pretty sweet also but overpriced.

I’m looking for a used bike that I will keep for a year or two. Ideally I would like something like the BMW below, but right now I am looking for something a lot more realistic.

Switching Hosts

I am in the process of moving from a GoDaddy’s virtual dedicated server to a real dedicated server at GoDaddy. So far my only complaint about the new server is that there is still headaches setting up email. The key is that you need to use GoDaddy’s Smart Server setup. Kind of BS if you ask me but hey, you still can’t beat the rate of around $100 a month.

The only drawbacks of the virtual server was the lack of a lot of memory and hard drive space. Also if you find yourself signing up for one of these services DO NOT GET PLESK!!! There is no reason to get this and there is no way to uninstall it. You can use Remote Desktop/Terminal Services for nearly everything you need. After disabling Plesk on my virtual server I could no longer use PHP. That may be an issue for a great deal of us.

A Preventable Type of Click Fraud

Let’s take a few moments to discuss “Click Fraud”. The phrase is reminiscent of something you might have seen on the 70’s show Fight Back with David Horowitz. Click Fraud, in simplest terms is faking or encouraging unwarranted clicks. This is mostly a problem for advertisers who pay for clicks. Click Fraud costs these advertisers a varying, and mostly unknown, amount of ad money.

The methods of committing click fraud vary greatly. Mostly click fraud is committed by ad publishers. These publishers will sign up for a service such as “Google AdSense”. They will then either spoof clicks from or use deceitful methods to get unnatural clicks. These methods include directly asking people to click on ads that they would normally click on or employing bots and even adware to get clicks. You know it is Click Fraud when the click doesn’t happen naturally.

What can be done about Click Fraud? Google for one uses complex algorithms that look for unnatural clicks. For example, Google can tell if you clicked on an ad but then promptly used the back button. By visiting the target page only briefly, the ad was most likely clicked on by accident or by other means. There are many other algorithms to find the worth of a an ad click, this is just one of the simplest.

A Partial Solution:
If advertisers had a way of telling when a worthless Ad Click has occurred, then worthwhile clicks could more easily be determined and paid for. The suggestion is that Ad Publishing services like Google AdSense provide advertisers with an “I got here by mistake!” button. This code, most likely javascript, would reside on an advertiser’s destination page. It would not be mandatory and perhaps only available to high-use users. The Advertiser could place this tastefully into his/her site such as he/she sees fit. By clicking on it, it would signal to the advertiser and advertising service (ie Google AdSense) that the previous click to get to this page was invalid or unwarranted. These clicks could further be used to flag “Bad” ad publishers and help develop more adequate “Click Fraud” algorithms. While this doesn’t apply to click fraud caused by bots and/or adware, it gives a tool that both the advertiser and the advertising service can use. In the least such a button would build “Good Will” between the advertisers (ie. AdWords Users) and the ad services (ie. AdSense Service).

Azoogle Ads Begins Upgrade

Azoogle Azoogle Ads has recently upgraded their main page after you login. Now you can view your monthy information for Clicks, Earnings, Earnings/clicks and your account manager along with his/her email address (Handy for new Azooglers).

Also on the front page is some nice links straight to high paying Azoogle offers which will aid those in finding the most efficient affiliate programs.

Compared to Commision Junction, Azoogle lacks a good amount of reporting. This is currently being addressed by Azoogle. Hopefully the changing of thes start page indicates that Azoogle is quickly approaching a reports upgrade. Another slightly missing part is that Azoogle does not offer advanced links or custom submission forms. Although, these never worked extremely well with CJ (Commision Junction) or where not always available on the programs that they could benefit most from.

Even without the reports upgrade, I choose Azoogle as my preffered affiliate because it is much more simple to use. CJ is moving away from standard links to use solely Javascript. Also, and even more importantly, with Azoogle Azoogle Ads has recently upgraded their main page after you login. Now you can view your monthy information for Clicks, Earnings, Earnings/clicks and your account manager along with his/her email address (Handy for new Azoogle you don’t have to apply to every individual program. Once you are Azoogle approved, you can choose any and all of the affiliate programs they have to offer.

Cross your fingers and hope that Azoogle will have our reports ready soon!

ShoeMoney Vents

Now before you read the original post below realize that the words chosen were not ideal. However I believe that ShoeMoney has a valid point. Paraphrasing what Jeremy posted wouldn’t really do it justice. He did bring up a bunch of good points that need to be fixed. I for one love Jeremy’s show and would hate to see an unmoderated chat room risk hindering the quality of his show.

REMEMBER THIS: This is only posted for historical purposes. Jeremy removed this post for a reason. Keep that in mind as you read it.

You Wont Find Me On Webmaster Radio Chat Anymore
July 17th, 2006
Well… I am just done with the webmaster radio chat room.
I went in today during David Naylors and Jen Sleggs Click This! show and people are totally disrespecting the live shows and talking about whatever. As I even made some comments about the show that was taking place people started asking me questions about stuff which is normally cool only there is a live show on and I feel that its rude to talk in the chat room about stuff that is not related to what the show hosts are talking about.

The main problem is they allow people to use this web chat application where people can hide there identity and it makes it virtually impossible for the chat moderators to keep order.
Today I tried to take order and ban people that were being idiots and only then did one of the admins tell me not to do that so…. I just give up.

I had a chat application written a long time ago that was the answer for this and at the time webmaster radio even agreed to have it developed further. Since then webmasterradio has backed out of that deal and the room is over run with idiots as usual.
Its too bad cause I used to like seeing a lot of experts in the field in the webmaster radio chat room but they have all since disappeared.

I will continue to do my shows as I agreed to but I will not be directing anyone to the chatroom or be answering any questions from the chat room from here on.

Why Microsoft Ad Center is Disappointing

Microsoft Ad Center is Microsoft’s response to Google AdWords. Ad Center does have some nice features and is generally a good product.

Generally, though is not good enough. Ad Center ads take quite a while to get “Approved”. This is not the same as with AdWords where it will take only 15 minutes before having an ad served. Ad Center’s own FAQs acknowledge that it can take up to 5 business days before an ad is approved. For niche products and CPA events, this could be a crucial delay.

Some believe that Ad Center is generally cheaper than AdWords, however the 5 business day (7 actual days) delay is not only annoying, it is extremely disheartening. Also Google’s service runs much more smoothly and works the same for both FireFox and Internet Explorer.

Add DIGG THIS Links to Blogger Blogs

Self-promoting is more often than not annoying to those around you. More likely than not it is going to come off as SPAM. So why not let others promote your articles for you?

If you have a Blogger blog, you can add one line of code to your template and allow others to easily “Digg” you. Digg, for those who don’t run in technical circles, is a site that promotes others articles. The most interesting ones get “Dugg” and rise to the top of the site. Therefore is always a dynamically moving and intersting site.

To include a Digg This link on Blogger, log into and edit your Template. You should paste the following code somewhere near the Item tag (). I posted mine just before it.

Here is the code…

<a style=”float:none;” href=”javascript:location.href=’’+encodeURIComponent(‘<$BlogItemPermalinkURL$>’)+’%26title=’+encodeURIComponent(‘<$BlogItemTitle$>’)+’%26bodytext=<$BlogItemTitle$>%26topic=tech_news’”>Digg

You can change the “Digg This!” anchor text to anything you would like. Also you can customize the link to look like a button. If you use this code, a visitor will be taken to Digg, there they will login. After logging in they will be taken to the submit form with the title and URL auto-filled. The description will also be started for them.

I hope this brings you a few extra pageviews.

Technorati Badge

Technorati is quite simply a blog search engine. It is very important for those that want to market their blog belong to such groups as this. For this reason I have developed a badge that you can place on any page/blog you wish. I have added it to the left of this screen and also made it available hear… TECHNORATI BADGE.

You can add it to your site however you wish. It is customizable and I have built, what I see as, a nift interface for costomizing it. I orginally stole this idea from because his wasn’t finished. Right now it shows my blog with no backlinks (not true) and no bloglinks (possibly true). Regardless I am now a proud badge wearing Technorati.