Google Calendars and Outlook Calendars

So, I’ve been looking for a nice way to wrap up all of the resources for to install this Google Calendar/Outlook Calendar synchronization add-in. There is no simple way to do it, which seems ridiculous. An add-in should be simple and fit right into an existing application. It seems Microsoft doesn’t want to make it that easy.

Any way, all that you should have to do is download this VSTO Runtime and then install from the Google-Outlook Synch application I have provided. In my tests, the add-in doesn’t load even after doing this. I have no idea why as of yet and have been searching the net for somebody who has done this already.

For now I will supply my code. The code is not up to par exactly and could be done much better and done on certain Outlook events. This first version is more just a proof that it is possible.

I wasn’t exactly happy with Google’s or Outlook’s filtering by date for appointments/events. Neither worked in my example.

VSTO Runtime
Google-Outlook Synch
Google-Outlook Synch Source

Step by Step Goals
Google-Outlook Goal 1
Google-Outlook Goal 2

Google-Outlook Goal 3 Google-Outlook Goal 3 Revisited
Other Notes