“Christianity” is EXPENSIVE!

I am always looking for ways to make money from such places like AzoogleAds. In my Friday Azoogle adventures, I stumbled across some affiliate programs for Christian related services. Hmmm… my first impression was that Christian related ads would be a very inexpensive niche. Looking at the sites in Google Adwords and setting up a test campaign, I quickly discovered that I cannot afford “Christianity”.

AdWords needs a MINIMUM of $5 for the following terms “Christianity”, “Baptist”, “Bishop”, “Catholic”, “Crusifix”, “Jesus”, “Methodist”, “Mormon”, “Pope” and “Priest”.

This strikes me as EXTREMELY shocking. For all the Christian websites out there, there is an EXTREMELY high demand for ads. Perhaps Churches should take some time off from Bake sales and Lawn Fetes and try using Google AdSense on their local websites. They could make a killing! Whether you are a religious person or not, most organized religions do good for a community. If you stumble across this blog, recommend helping your local church out and setting them up with AdSense.

If you have a local church site and need help setting this up, just post a comment here and we’ll see what we can do.

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