CJ Keyword Links Stink!

So I have a few sites that I want to publish some links to products on. So why not use Commision Junction and use their keyword links? This way the visitor has a link right to the product in case they want to buy it and I get a commission from the purchase that doesn’t raise the price to the buyer.

However, CJ’s keyword links just don’t work. For example here is the HTML code that CJ creates in for a Spencer’s Gifts link to lava lamps.


That isn’t even valid HTML. Even using one of the above links embedded in the mess above, only takes the user to the front page of the target site (Spencers in this case) .

My annoyance is taken further when I take the time to send email to CJ and the vendor and receive absolutely zero response after several days. There is a lot of money that is getting lossed for the CJ and the vendor. I’m not talking about my use of the vendor here, but there has to be hundreds if not thousands of possible users out there that feel the same way.

CJ, get your act together!

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