Don’t give THEM the money!

Online Casino’s and other gambling outfits (such as bingo) market so hard they end up giving away a rather large percentage of their possible profit to affiliates that get people to sign up. Gambling institution love this because they have almost no overhead compared to the pay offs they get from having people sign up. We would all love to profit from this however most of can not. You need a very popular gambling website or some “shady” means of getting people to sign up. However, if you sign up for a gambling site straight from the site these marketting dollars are kept by the gambling sites themselves.

I like free money so I signed up for one of these affiliate programs and have the links below. If you are going to signup anyway you might as well click on one of my links. The end result is exactly the same. Also I have no way of tracking who you are, all that I see is a dollar amount. Also I plan on publishing any and all earnings here so at least it can be a learning experience for the rest of us.

If you choose not to use my links, I still would like you to find somebody else’s. JUST DON’T LET THEM HAVE YOUR MONEY!

Golden Palace
24kt Gold
Golden Palace Bingo

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