“Christianity” is EXPENSIVE!

I am always looking for ways to make money from such places like AzoogleAds. In my Friday Azoogle adventures, I stumbled across some affiliate programs for Christian related services. Hmmm… my first impression was that Christian related ads would be a very inexpensive niche. Looking at the sites in Google Adwords and setting up a test campaign, I quickly discovered that I cannot afford “Christianity”.

AdWords needs a MINIMUM of $5 for the following terms “Christianity”, “Baptist”, “Bishop”, “Catholic”, “Crusifix”, “Jesus”, “Methodist”, “Mormon”, “Pope” and “Priest”.

This strikes me as EXTREMELY shocking. For all the Christian websites out there, there is an EXTREMELY high demand for ads. Perhaps Churches should take some time off from Bake sales and Lawn Fetes and try using Google AdSense on their local websites. They could make a killing! Whether you are a religious person or not, most organized religions do good for a community. If you stumble across this blog, recommend helping your local church out and setting them up with AdSense.

If you have a local church site and need help setting this up, just post a comment here and we’ll see what we can do.

Number One Geiger

I, or rather Jay Geiger.com, have come to rule as the number one “Jay Geiger” in MSN and Google search. I am 6th in Yahoo but I’m not worried excessively about that as they will fall in line shortly.

For the search term Jason Geiger I am currently 5th, 11th and 13th in Google, Yahoo and MSN respectively. This is an acceptable Geiger ranking for the time being. However in terms of straight up Geiger searching I am nowhere in site. I guess I’m going to have to talk about myself in my blog more. Kind of like “The Rock”. CAN YOU SMELL WHAT GEIGER IS COOKING?

After much searching I found that I ranked 939th in Yahoo for Geiger. In Google I am about the 24oth Geiger. In MSN I come in, in the TOP 200 Geiger listing being about at 144th.

Who knew there was so many Geiger wannabes?

CJ Keyword Links Stink!

So I have a few sites that I want to publish some links to products on. So why not use Commision Junction and use their keyword links? This way the visitor has a link right to the product in case they want to buy it and I get a commission from the purchase that doesn’t raise the price to the buyer.

However, CJ’s keyword links just don’t work. For example here is the HTML code that CJ creates in for a Spencer’s Gifts link to lava lamps.


That isn’t even valid HTML. Even using one of the above links embedded in the mess above, only takes the user to the front page of the target site (Spencers in this case) .

My annoyance is taken further when I take the time to send email to CJ and the vendor and receive absolutely zero response after several days. There is a lot of money that is getting lossed for the CJ and the vendor. I’m not talking about my use of the vendor here, but there has to be hundreds if not thousands of possible users out there that feel the same way.

CJ, get your act together!

Ebay Wiki (and the Potential)

Let me start by just saying I LOVE WIKI! Wiki is a site (or portion of one) that allows everybody and anybody to edit any page. It initially sounds like havoc but with multiple copies of a document being saved, so that there is a way to rollback, and by having strong community ties, it actually works out great.

EBay’s new Wiki (at eBayWiki.com) is the biggest “commercial” Wiki out there. Wikipedia is bigger but is not for profit. EBay’s actual Wiki does not bring in direct profit, unless they plan on putting ads on it. It is free for all eBay users and is meant to build up the eBay community.

I envision eBay’s wiki being a mix between a forum, Wikipedia and Digg.com. Most of the articles are going to be in a category such as “Antiques”, “Art” etc… The more popular articles, like Digg, will bubble up to the top. The main idea is that these articles will have tips to maximize your eBay profits from selling, or find items that you are looking for. This along with building a huge amount of eBay brand loyalty equates to $$$$ for eBay. EBay also announced that it will start serving ads like Google so expect ads on the site which will more than likely be tastefully placed.

Interesting Concept

The one thing that I alway find annoying about online gambling is the luck factor. After my last post I was playing around on CJ (Commision Junction) and found this link to MoneyGaming.com

This site has competitive games such as chess and backgammon that you play against real people. I haven’t tried my own link out yet but the way that it works I guess would be like this…

You start a $10 game of chess. Money Gaming charges you something like $1 for a total of $11. Then somebody else signs up and gets charged the same. If you win you get $20, if you lose you lose $11. This seems pretty damn great to me! I haven’t tried it out so I don’t know. If you sign-up please use the link above as I get a commission. I always feel the need to tell people that as I feel shady otherwise.

Don’t give THEM the money!

Online Casino’s and other gambling outfits (such as bingo) market so hard they end up giving away a rather large percentage of their possible profit to affiliates that get people to sign up. Gambling institution love this because they have almost no overhead compared to the pay offs they get from having people sign up. We would all love to profit from this however most of can not. You need a very popular gambling website or some “shady” means of getting people to sign up. However, if you sign up for a gambling site straight from the site these marketting dollars are kept by the gambling sites themselves.

I like free money so I signed up for one of these affiliate programs and have the links below. If you are going to signup anyway you might as well click on one of my links. The end result is exactly the same. Also I have no way of tracking who you are, all that I see is a dollar amount. Also I plan on publishing any and all earnings here so at least it can be a learning experience for the rest of us.

If you choose not to use my links, I still would like you to find somebody else’s. JUST DON’T LET THEM HAVE YOUR MONEY!

Golden Palace
24kt Gold
Golden Palace Bingo

Robots Can Now Feel AND Read Your Thoughts

The same week that robots learn to touch, robots learn how to read thoughts.

Robotic sensors can now tell, with human like precision, what things feel like. This is to be used, at first, for medical purposes. This “touch” can be used in some cases to diagnose which cells are cancerous and which are not.

Also this week a scientist from Austria demonstrated how to type messages by using a skull cap embeded with sensors and a nifty little software package that finds which letter you are thinking about.

While this isn’t anywhere near the day where machines will battle for control of the earth, this does give machines the beginnings of 2 senses (one that we don’t even have) that could allow for AI algorithms to simulate intelligence.

Is the Water Engine Real?

Did/do water engines exist?

Water Engines don’t exist as the name implies. There is no way of combusting (burning) water to produce the expansion of gas that drives a turbine or piston. The water engine that is “rumored” would really be a hydrogen engine. The difference is that the hydrogen is removed straight from the water instead of being stored in a high pressure tank or other medium (there’s lot of inventions in the works to store Hydrogen).

Standard chemistry books that detail the process note that it takes more energy to separate hydrogen and oxygen from water than is produced by burning the hydrogen. Stan Meyer, (the so-called Water Engine inventor) thought that he found a way use water’s own molecular resonant frequency to “collapse” the water into hydrogen and oxygen and in turn output more energy than was inputted.

The proof of this process is scant. If this worked there would be no need for Electricity companies, oil companies and many others. Against common belief, automobile manufacturers would benefit greatly as the cost of owning an automobile plummets when there is no added fuel costs. The only people who would not are energy companies. Also political power would shift more easily to underdeveloped nations and empower the more creative, similar to what the internet has done for entrepreneurs but on a much grander scale.

Here is a video from Google Video. It is old, appearing to be from the 70’s but having a published date of 1995. Most of us would choose to believe in this or in similar “cold fusion” experiments. However, is it really possible for giant corporations or nations to really keep this down? Is this really just a search for Bigfoot or the Loch Ness Monster. See for yourself and please comment here.

ShoeMoney.com Contest!

ShoeMoney.com recently had a contest to see who could come out on top for the search term ShoeMoney. I made some beer money with a simple blogspot blog ShoeMoney-Contest.BlogSpot.com. I think I could have done even better with more blogs, MySpace pages and forum backlinks. However MSN and Yahoo would be the only 2 that I think somebody could get into the top 10 without prolonged ShoeMoney links.

Fortunately the contest ended soon and I was able to get my beer money before I got bumped. However I stopped working on this little hobby contest when it was done.