MySpace Friend Whores

Everybody who’s spent time on MySpace has fought a slight addiction. This is commonly known. The other addiction though is people who willing become “Friend Whores”. TOM IS NOT YOUR FRIEND! Tom doesn’t know you and Tom doesn’t want to know you, move along. The first thing you can do on your road to recovering from being a “Friend Whore” is to remove Tom from your friend list. You can do it.

Secondly, remove all people you don’t actually know. There’s only one person on my list I don’t know. She is a butt. It’s a cute butt and for some reason she accepted my invitation (probably because she is a friend whore). If she ever changes her picture to a different body part I might have to MySpace Break-up with her.

Do yourself a favor and clean out your friend list and stop being such a whore about it! :)

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