Google-Outlook Calendar Goal 3 Revisited

If you’ve been reading my other posts then you’ll know that I’ve been taking a few moments throughout the day, when I need a few minute break, to look at what it will take to programmatically add my Outlook appointments to my Google Calendar. This way I can still accept appointments in work PLUS I can use my Google Calendar AND get messages on my cell when an appointment is due (This is a free feature of Google Calendar but not Outlook).

Here’s Goal 1, Goal 2 and Goal 3 for reference.

I had to revisit Goal 3 however. The problem is that I envision this Outlook add-in being most useful in a corporate setting. Nearly all corps have a proxy server. This is something that I didn’t plan for. However I have a solution. This solution is written using C# and .Net 2.0. This soultion can also be useful for any application where you need to go through a proxy server that requires credentials.

Set the following before your webservice or application requests a web resource.

System.Net.NetworkCredential ocredentials = new System.Net.NetworkCredential(“ProxyUser”, “ProxyUserPassword”);

IWebProxy proxyObject = new WebProxy(“http://ProxyAddress:ProxyPort”, true);

proxyObject.Credentials = ocredentials;

HttpWebRequest.DefaultWebProxy = proxyObject;

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