Get Google Calendar’s Magic Cookie

Although it doesn’t appear that you need a MagicCookie in order to fetch the information
that I am looking for in my
Outlook-Google Synch
program, I began detailing how to get the MagicCookie
feed. You can use this feed to pull information from your Google Calendar.

1. Log into Google Calendar.

2. On the left hand side select the calendar that you want, there should be down
arrow next to the target calendar. Click that and select “Calendar settings”.

Google Calendar Magic Cookie 1

3. At the bottom of the screen you should see section labled “Private Address:”.
There should also be an “XML” link by it. Click on this XML link and save
the address.

Google Calendar Magic Cookie 2

That’s it. If you ever think your link/feed has been compromised just “Reset Private URLs” on the last screen shown and you’ll get a new one.

Keep an eye on this blog to find out how to synch your Outlook and Google calendars.

2 thoughts on “Get Google Calendar’s Magic Cookie”

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