The Good and Bad About Meat Gifts!

At Christmas time I gave the gift of meat. That’s right, I ordered steaks from Omaha Steaks. I knew the people and knew they appreciated a good cut of meat. Great, Omaha won a loyal customer. Then they screwed up! The calls began.

Every week or two I get calls from Omaha Steaks. I don’t care why they are calling unless it is to tell me they accidentally gave me mad cow! I told them not to call and even placed my number on a do not contact list. Worse of all this is my cell phone number so they continue to eat up my minutes.

This is a prime example of overselling. When you have a customer that likes you don’t piss them off. Next season I was going to use them again. I still will if their competition looks bad. However if they are on their game Omaha Steaks just lost a customer.

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