Janet at Azoogle Doesn’t Like Me

Janet at Azoogle has finally gotten back to me. First she said that Jay Geiger.com wasn’t a top level domain. Jay Geiger.com is a top level domain so I responded accordingly.

Secondly Azoogle Janet said that Jay Geiger.com is owned by Google. That came as a shocker because I registered this domain myself and have it hosted on a Virtual Dedicated Server at GoDaddy.

Now it seems that my dealings with Azoogle Janet isn’t representative of all of Azoogle. Chantelle at Azoogle seems to be a wonderful person who I have emailed a couple of times. I believe the only reason that Janet has responded to me is because Chantelle’s reminders.

I will reapply or send Chantelle a direct email if I do not hear back from Janet again soon.

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