Pay Per Conversion Advertising

I would like to patent Pay Per Conversion Advertising. I haven’t worked out the details. I envision this working when only a lead or single data item counts as a conversion. For example “Pay Per Lead” would be an easy way of paying per conversion. Basically the companies landing page would have a Javascript form from the Advertiser. The advertiser would check this form on the landing page of the ad to ensure it was there and the only form. Entering information into this form would report it to the advertiser and log it as a conversion.

If you see anybody out there with a new Pay Per Conversion advertising system, know that it was my idea. Let me know about it and I’ll share the settlement with you.

A few years ago this type of adverstising would not have been possible. However with the world wide web (mostly bandwidth, AJAX style programming and server technology), Pay Per Conversion Advertising could be very close to hand.

These ads could still be served on keywords but wouldn’t neccesarily need to be. If I am paying $5 per conversion, I could bid on non-targetted traffic that has a very low conversion price. The target site would have a much bigger impact on the efficency of the ad than it does now. There would be complete conversion tracking available. Also click-fraud would be a thing of the past.

First there was “Pay Per Impression”, then “Pay Per Click”. Soon there will be “Pay Per Conversion”. There will always be room for Impression and Click based advertising but Conversion based advertising could really give some huge benefits to both ad buyer and sellers.

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