Bald Equals Successful

I’m a thief. I’ve been trying to steal the tactics of two highly succesful internet entreprenuers. In no particular order they are…


I’ve tried to take some of the same tactics they have. Up until recently I thought that it was because I was half-hearted in my efforts and just a general slacker when it came to promoting and building my sites. However I have come to a bigger and more self-evident conclusion. “Bald Nerds Make Money”. Here is my clinical evidence.

Aren’t you glad that I have saved you all the effort of trying hard and failing? All that you have to do is “Bic your Brain”.

If you really believe in me, I too will shave my head. However I won’t do it for less than 10 grand.

Only you can make me a success!

0 thoughts on “Bald Equals Successful”

  1. Glad to see you were not missing all the great historical sites while in Boston. Your mother-in-law.

  2. I dunno, man. I get cold really easy. And when I wear a hoody or a hat … it looks too gangsta …

    hmm, what about those shoemoney hats? Can I get one of those. Then I’ll consider it ;)

    - Mike

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