Cool Articles and Temporary Traffic

There are two sites out there that I would like to talk about. These sites are and These are 2 sites where one can post about articles. Basically you “Digg” or “Shout” for articles that users have linked to. You can post your own or just search through others posted. My TVoIP post got picked up by ShoutWire (after I put it there of course) and I got a good amount of traffic for a day or two. Over 2,000 visitors actually. You can view my “Shouted” articles here…

ShoutWire is less popular than Digg. I like ShoutWire because it is smaller and easier to get to the front page. Digg is much bigger but doesn’t show your site in a frame and doesn’t have pop-unders.

If you can write one good article a day and Shout/Digg it you pretty much guarantee yourself several thousands of visitors a day. The key here is “Good”. If you just post krap that nobody finds interesting, you’ll get nothing out of it.

If you have a good blog and write well and write often, this can be a pretty darn good revenue stream for you.

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