Official Google Public Service Spokesman

Google, or more appropriately Google AdSense, has elected me their official Public Service Spokesman. Well… maybe not exactly. What I am really talking about are the Google Ads at the top of Normally when a site has placed Google Ads (AdSense) and there are no ads available, then Public Service Ads are shown. However I used this nifty AdSense Preview Tool. It tells me that AdSense Ads can not be shown for some reason. The 3 reasons they give me are…

  • No ads are currently available for the selected geographic region.
  • Page has not been crawled. Please try again later.
  • This page contains sensitive content. Google AdSense filters ads from pages containing sensititve news items or content.

However if we go at look at the cached copy of the page that Google has. Cached the ads show up just fine. So if Google really had one of the 3 above problems then it should not be showing up in the cached copy either. I just wrote a letter to Google and hopefully will get an answer in the very near future.

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