Pet Peeve #1

One of my pet peeves has to do with people who leave bumper stickers on their cars for electoral candidates that lost. You lost, deal with it move on. You might as well just go around and shout to everybody that you’re a loser and that it doesn’t bother you.

Although this isn’t an exact problem per se, I do have a solution. I need to sell “I’m a Loser” stickers that you place over top of these bumper stickers to signal that they have been called out as a “loser”. Taking a step further, these stickers could be removable as we don’t want to promote damaging others property, even though they are losers and probably wouldn’t do anything about it. Secondly, there could be a space to fill out the date.

Something like…
I WAS JUDGED A LOSER ON _____________.

If you see anybody else out there with this idea, let me know. They owe me a commision.

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