Global Warming

Humans may or may not be changing the average environmental temperatures. It is not a possibility that it is changing, I guarantee it. Some people really believe that our world would be completely stable if we weren’t a part of it. Generally speaking I call these people hippies.

People tend to forget that a few millenia ago (just a blink in Earth’s eye) there was an ice age. There have been several actually. While “life” may have played a factor, so have solar flares, volcanic activity, continenetal drift and possibly many other things. The climate of Earth will change. It will be slow and there won’t be much we can do about it. Statistically speaking the Earth will outlast our species just has it has every species before it.

Hug a tree if it makes you happy, don’t polute because dirty doesn’t help. However stay off my ass and don’t lay a guilt trip on my because I drive a big (and yellow) SUV.

Google error with Robots.txt might prevent site indexing

Shawn Hogan, operater of had his blog ( removed from Google’s index. He originally wrote on November 17th 2005 about it. “Google Broke up with ME“.

Now there are many reasons why this could happen which I will not get into here at the moment. However on March 21st 2006 Shawn wrote in a little detail that Google is not interpretting his robots.txt file correctly. “Google Not Interpreting robots.txt Consistently

This drew the attention of Matt Cutts, an employee of Google. Google then starting indexing and sending good old Shawn visitors and he wrote about it here… “And Google Said Let There be Shawn

Basically the problem was when you had a generic User Agent section and a Google User Agent section. If you had a Google User Agent section, then Google would ignore the User Agent section instead of merging the two. Please read Shawn’s awesome post to get more info.

Now I’m not one to normally summarize somebody elses blog postings, but I really enjoy Shawn’s random blog. Also consider this a Public Service Announcement to keep an eye on your Robots.txt file.

Shoulder Pain

Information on shoulder injuries seems to be a bit filled with nonsense. The purpose of this posting is to explain the few things that I have learned and what I’m doing about it.

Before the end of 2005 I never had shoulder pain. I would occasionally hear the fellow gym member complaining about it and think nothing of it. In November of last year I started getting some shoulder pain when I was doing the bench press or push-ups. “No Problem” I thought. “I’ll just take it easy for a week or two and things will be better”. Months went by and I was still having problems. It would ache a little in the morning after waking up and benchpressing and push-up where straight out. I started looking into some causes but not much seemed to fit. Most shoulder problems come from either the rotator cuff, problems with the bursa (in form of bursitis) or tendonitis (there are bunch in the shoulder). There can also be calcium deposits and/or torn tendons. The shoulder is a very complicated place.

The major helping/temporary solution is to take a lot of Ibuprofen or other anti-inflammatory drug. This is because tendons can’t really heal if an area is inflamed. Taking anti-inflammatories and resting the area for a prolonged period of time will let it heal.

I was taking my time giving it plenty of chance to heal until I woke up Tuesday morning and could not move because of it. Taking deep breaths or sniffling killed. Putting weight on the arm and lifting up was not a problem. This meant it wasn’t a rotator cuff problem. I went off to my doctor, got x-rays and waited to hear back. She mentioned calcium deposits which I new my mother recently had.

I tried beer which helped but was very temporary. Naproxen Sodium (Alleve) did a lot better than Motrin (Ibuproffen) in my case.

Well I had to call back 2 days later as my shoulder was still on fire. There was an irregularity and I was being refferred to orthopedic. Unfortunately the first appointment was going to be 2 weeks from now. I was also getting a prescription for MethylPREDNISolone which is a cortiosteroid. When I picked up the prescription around 8:00 last night it came with 18 pills in a blister pack. You are supposed to take 6 the first day, 5 the second and so on. Seeing as how it was already 8:00pm I took 3 and then 3 again right before I went to sleep. One interesting thing that I read was “Abruptly stopping methylprednisolone in these individuals can cause symptoms of corticosteroid insufficiency, with accompanying nausea, vomiting, and even shock.” That must be the reason for the doses thinning out.

I was in such pain the few days before I couldn’t believe anything would help me out. When I woke up… WOW. I’m feeling damn good! Obviously I will still see the orthopedic on the 12th but I am damn glad that I was able to get over this until then.

I really hope one person with a shoulder injury finds this post and this leads them down the right path. If it wasn’t for this prescription I wouldn’t be typing this right now.

Untargetted Traffic Yet Again

It seems official. Untargetted traffic brings no gains. With having over 6,000 unique visitors sent to a little website of mine and having no obvious advertising gains it is pretty clear that Untargetted traffic, especially from pop-up/pop-under sources is pretty much worthless. I am going to let the 10,000 visitor limit finish up and then I plan on doing the same thing with a cheap but targetted keyword from Google Adsense. While I think that the amount I will be paying will be much more than I am earning, I am simply looking for some personal proof as that targetted ethical traffic is worth many times untargetted and shady traffic.

Oracle is no Friend of Mine

Oracle does not make me happy. I am talking specifically about their 9i database. The database installer is slow and their empty databases are over a gigabyte in space. Doing a full database dump is simple but doing anything more complex is an enigma. Installing an Oracle client to access the database instead of just a driver is ridiculous. Oracle also lacks any sort of adequate graphical interface.

Most of all, I have never seen a product for the Enterprise that is so prone to failure and need to be recovered. Personally I choose to use SQL Server because everything is so much simpler. You have 1 data file and 1 transaction log (you can have more for more complex situations). In Oracle you have Rollback Segments, Control Files, Trace Files, Archive Logs and Database Files (which belong in table spaces which may be one or more files per tablespace).

You can argue that having all these seperate files provide a way to scale better. For example you could have one SAN dedicated to just one table space. However in practice, this is not the case. SQL 2005 is able to reach the same performance is Oracle with a much simpler architecture. Also My SQL is making huge in roads (although needs a lot more work to be as easy as SQL Server).

If you are running a Windows server then you can easily, and for free, use the free SQL Server called SQL Express (Previously called MSDE).

DISCLAIMER: Most of my posting here will be a lot easier to read than this one. I’ve had some major Oracle drama this past week. I will get off my soapbox and return to a better posting style after my Oracle drama has been concluded.

Untargetted Traffic 2

Here’s my stats from this morning from

I’m not sure when these hit came into the picture. My actual number of ads served from yesterday jumped about 200 from normal. However the click through rate on my ads plummeted while the actual number of clicks stayed the same. It definitely didn’t seem that I got 566 unique visitors and also the initial quality of visitor is extremely low. I’ll report on this again in a couple of days.

Tim Horton’s Stock

Tim Horton’s is a coffee/doughnut shop much like Dunkin Doughnuts. It basically IS a Canadian Dunkin Doughnuts with a name of an old school hockey player. Although this place is a franchise AND is owned by Wendy’s, they quite possibly have the best cup of coffee in the world. I think they secretly put a little crystal meth in their creamer ;)

Regardless, there is going to be an initial IPO or Tim Horton’s. They are slated to have the inital share price be about $20 and it is supposed to sell this month. However I don’t know where/when to get the actual date. I would like to sell all of my current stock (which I took a huge hit on) and buy THI (Tim Horton’s). However I’m afraid of missing the opening because of the date not being known.